Sunday, March 4, 2012


With some brain power I finally figured it out.  I think my image is still cut off a bit on the sides but I just tweaked it from previewing it in blogger, about fifty times

Here it is!

Anyone else want to know how I did it?

Here is a link that I followed.

The only thing I did differently use a 12x12 page in MDS, and make my base punch 10x6 instead.  That was the only was I could get it so blogger didn't tile my image.

Hope you like Part 1 of the new look.

I have some other ideas to give our blog a face lift, but let's be real here....
a.) I already tackled one part of the make over tonight, which took me a fair amount of time.
b.) My kids are sleeping and the new episode of Desperate Housewives is on my DVR waiting for me.

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