Monday, March 5, 2012

In the trenches of your Iron Curtain

When we moved into our home almost 3 years ago, there were so many things that were perfect.... the yard, being near country fields, the open floor plan, the 150yr old original wood....  there were a lot of things we fell in love with.  One thing we did not love was the smelly water.

We have a well first off, so hard water is a serious understatement.  Besides that, the iron content in our water is riDONKulous.  So when we turned on the water it smelled like rotten eggs.  Can you imagine trying to take a shower and feel clean and all you can smell is rotten eggs!?!  Yeah, doesn't make you feel that clean.

We were fortunate to have purchased during a time where new home owners received a tax credit, and we knew just what to do with it.  

No, it's not a giant chain mail type curtain made out of iron.  It is a water filtration system.  The mac daddy, the big cheese, okay, I'm getting carried away but to us, it was amazing.  No more smelly water, and now our water wouldn't turn our brand new appliances orange from our water.
(I've even heard that some peoples dishes started to turn orange in their dishwaher from having high amounts of iron in their water, eek!)

La la deet de da, dum dum do de daa.....  fast forward 2 years.....

Oh yeah, maybe we have no water pressure because the iron curtain needs to be cleaned.  Forgot to mention, this thing as wonderful as it is, needs to be cleaned about every 2 a little over due for it.  Well, my hubby decided to tackle the job himself, give it the ol' college try.
(In his defense, I was pushing him to do it too.  Me push Adam, I know it's shocking!)

Well... this is what happened.... 
(Am I a horrible wife, that as I post these pic's I just can't help laughing a bit?)

No!! That is not war paint for his battle with the iron curtain, and YES!! all that red/ orange IS iron goo! 
Apparently he thought he had released the pressure before detaching the tank, I guess not.
Let's get a closer look, shall we?

Yep, he was ecstatic about it!  And the band-aid on his chin, that was also a battle wound, from wrestling with the tank.  I wish I could say that the tank won the battle, and Adam won the war.... but unfortunately his hard work still resulted in a call.

"Hey Culligan Man!"

Turns out they take the tank back to be pressure washed with so many hundred pounds of pressure.....
I'm sure Adam thinks it was a total waste of an afternoon, but I think it was all worth it for these snap shots.  Sorry babe, but I'm pretty sure you know it's true.

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  1. Bwahahahaha! I guess that makes me a horrible mom too! (I think he can take it....otherwise he would have been a blur for the picture!)


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