Saturday, March 31, 2012

I... Can... Blog... Again. (Snowless Sledding)

Hello family, friends, and anyone else out there! This is Adam and I believe my first return to the blog since the fall of last year! Last year the challenges of work really had myself checking out of certain parts of my life, and spending time on the home PC was one of them! Sorry! Although, Life with the Z's was not idle the entire time! My wonderful wife, who I had bugged and encouraged on many, many, MANY, occasions to try a few blog posts... did just that! Nice work Hun! 

I'm feeling up to some sharing again, but let's start slow and ease in to this thing again. How about a video?

One of the other things I gave up over the last 6+ months was much of my social interaction with friends and their families or at very least severely slowed the frequency of visits. I received an invite a few short weeks ago to join my friend Bob in his "Man Cave" or garage or both to watch some March Madness and grill out. Yes, grill out! :) While I was there, something of a peculiar nature occurred. Peculiar first because it was occurring without snow, peculiar second because there was no snow and it was March, and third because there was no snow, it was March, and we live in Wisconsin! Check it out...

This was going on repeatedly for about a half hour. The best ones where he and his little brother both sat on the sled together and went down the hill. Besides the hilariousness of it being March in Wisconsin and above 70 that day... I just appreciated the determination and decision of these boys to just go for it. Somehow I feel like they had been waiting for another opportunity to go sledding and just got sick and tired of waiting. Good for them. :)

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