Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Joyous Occasion in May

Being entirely to far behind on blog posts... I bring you back to May! The end of May to clarify if that makes it any better. An event that had the family traveling. Traveling and staying overnight for the first time as a foursome! 

Preparations had to be made to keep everyone happy.

Speaking of keeping everyone happy... can I just say thank goodness for cartoons at all times of the day!

The event that had everyone excited involved a rehearsal. That's how big this event was! After the rehearsal, there was wind down time as well. 

For some of us... for others it was "push great grandpa around" time.

Even though the kids never seem to want to wind down, it's okay! 

Because that's why there are aunts and uncles around!

Thanks to those aunts and uncles...

A husband and wife can actually pose for a picture!


Like it was... once upon a time...

A time before, well, a time before a queen size bed had to be shared with a little gremlin.

Pretty please with yourself eh, Levi?

I thought so.

Alright... let's let out the reason for all the excitement...

I'll tell Avery first...

"Avery... your auntie Steph is going to get married!"

"Listen, I'm serious! She really is!"

"She's going to take the plunge and marry a really awesome guy."

"That IS exciting news! I know!"

"There she goes!"

"It's okay. Don't be nervous! She'll do fine, she'll repeat the words right, he'll say 'I do' and they'll both ride off in to the sunset."

"Oh, Avery... it's okay! She's in good hands! Er.. or... are those tears of joy?"

I had some of those also! You and I are some emotional saps! 

How's Levi doing?

Stone. Cold. Levi.

A real man. :)

He wants to get on with the celebrating.

Bottoms up Levi.

Looks like you're not alone, buddy. Uncle Brad is going to join you. 

Wait a minute. I don't remember taking a picture of Brad having a drink...

That's not really my type of picture. Hmmm...

Ah Hah! Now it's starting to make sense...

 Let's get that camera back. Thanks Levi. Family pic! Everyone in your best pose!

Yeah, that's as good as it gets!

"What's the matter Avery? Sick of your ma and pops? 
Who else you think your gonna hang out with?"

I should have known!

While you're gone... more pictures!

It's so nice to have everyone together for such a wonderful reason!

All the different parts of the family are always in different parts of the land! 

Wait a minute... 

no kids!

Say Cheese!

Where are the kids?

Who's with them? 

It's Dave and Steph! Cutting a rug!

All my pictures of Dave are fuzzy! 

It's a good thing I have great pictures of my gorgeous Sis!

What a great day! Not complete until I can pick on my lil sis a little however!

The next morning was a slow start...

Eventually, we got it together however.

We enjoyed a little more time with family before we all parted again!

Well, some of us enjoyed it. Others under the age of 2 started a downward spiral.

This was the beginning of Levi's with a still happy Uncle enjoying his limited time.

Lastly, because it is so rare since we've been blessed with Avery... another picture of me and my own bride.

Even more rare... was the smile on the ride home! It must have been during a rare moment of silence. 

Overall, a great weekend! 

We welcomed a new brother in to the family and shared a forever awesome moment in time with a sister we love dearly!

Who can ask for more!?! Not us! :)


  1. Awww. Love love love!! :) NICE post. Love it. And LOVE YOU (all)! :) As for the fairy and the lizard... lizard is in my car in wyoming currently, fairy... who knows.

  2. The fairy is on my counter at home! I put it on the dress!! Kathleen took the picture! I don't remember you there at all. (OK-I remember you there. I don't remember your part in the dress toys.) What a funny way that was to end the night!


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