Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Catching Up to June! (pt1)

It's time to play blog catch up! 
Events in June happened and a few memories were captured!

This summer has been particularly busy for the primary blogger with work. I have intentions to blog about that at some point, but when it comes down to family and work... I've given work enough of the time! So here is a family catch up with events in June! Enjoy!

Levi had his first bout with cereal in June! 

He's not a fan, but always a picture worthy moment!

The Z's spent a day with the R's and our "not so little anymore" godson, Davin. 

It was Davin's big number 2!

As you can see, a newly acquired trampoline added to the enjoyment this year!

Avery and her "boyfriend" had a pretty fun time jumping, bouncing, falling, and rolling around with lots of giggles and crazy playing.

Daddy had a good time watching the fun as well.

The game pop the weasel comes to mind...

June also brought us a spur of the moment tag-along ride with G&G Zastrow "up nort" to a rather large dairy farm for breakfast on the farm day!

Large in many ways indeed!

Avery enjoys tractors quite a bit... but this one may have been a little intimidating! 

Speaking of intimidating...

I wonder how Levi was feeling during this trip to a park in Allenton one summer night?

Good times in June...


  1. Good times indeed! You will find that the same kids who prefer the box over the gift (stereotypically, but true) are those who prefer "freebie" vacations (parks, beaches, etc.) over any amount of money spent going elsewhere. I still remember hiring help, booking hotels, visiting tourist areas, in MI, but the highlight for all of you was pulling over and spending and impromptu hour on a Lake Michigan beach. FREE! ::Yay!::

  2. I must agree. The favorite family vacations were the ones we spent at the cottage just doing our own thing. I have a picture of Jeffrey and Kathleen having a ball on the picnic table. They were pretending to give a concert!

  3. Big fan of the blog....but I don't like coming 47 times waiting for an update. I'm just sayin'. :)


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