Monday, July 4, 2011

Get Outta Here! It ain't Dead!

One of the days that I was off of work and had an opportunity to update the blog... I was actually standing near the computer and desk and opened the curtains to let some sun in.

As if to threaten me like I was a disoriented cowboy in the movies waking up in the desert after a rough night...

a pair of turkey vultures stood looking over at the movement of the curtains. Or were they looking and waiting for the blog? I'm not waiting to find out.
"Get outta here!"

I've been buried in my projects at work and the free time I have has me really struggling at times to dedicate it to the blog. It's not really fair though as my siblings are all away and deserve some time and updates as well. 

So here are some of the things that are apparently going on in the house while I'm away at work most of the time. 

Little Levi is giving the bouncer a try!

Of course it can't be done without the Wii Fit board and other necessary equipment...

Most importantly, a hot pair of kicks! What a way to play!

Levi isn't the only one entertaining himself while I'm at work though.
Any one want to guess who or what Avery is trying to dress up as?

An interesting combination to say the least, and is that...
 is that a gun in her hand?

I don't know, Charlie's Angels? 
That's my best guess.

But wait! They are doing things together now as well! :)

I'm going to take a stab in the dark here and guess that "The Princess Frog" is on. 

Yeah. I know Levi. It's ALWAYS on.

Try something else. Maybe a little interactive playing?

Most days I do get a little bit of time with my munchkins. Usually it's not the best formula however as I am usually pretty tired and they are quickly approaching or have arrived at full on crabby mode.

Sometimes it just works out though and even 5 minutes can be enjoyed. 

Again, the formula has to be right, but not to right...

I guess it's still quality time, right? Most days I certainly think so!

I think we'll make it. Projects come to an end and weekends still come around every once in while!

So, as long as my loving family will still be willing to have me when I'm available...

Life is good and a beautiful thing!

Even through the bottom of a Jimmy Johns table advertisement! :)

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