Sunday, July 17, 2011

Big Blog Post for Such a Big Girl!

Recently, a young lady in the Z family turned in to a very big girl by doubling her age to the mighty number 2!

Before her official day actually arrived, Mommy had a surprise for her to enjoy in front of a camera...

Avery, needless to say, was excited at the idea of it.

Go ahead, Avery. Have at it.

Smells good, doesn't it?

Don't just stare at it! 


Ummm... okay. 

This is how you want to approach it, huh?

Can I make a suggestion? 

That's exactly what I was going to suggest!

Now you can make some progress!

Actually, I'm getting kind of jealous now.

How is it?

I thought so. I'm really jealous now!

Hey, why don't you try eating a little more than the frosting?

There you go! Go to town!

Keep going...

Go Avery! 
It's your birthday! 
Go Avery!

Alright, I'll stop the singing. :) 

Really, though... you seem pretty composed. 

Let loose!

Wait! Not that loose! 

There you go. Back to hand to mouth.

That's better! Shovel it in!

You're eating the whole thing today!


You don't think you can do it?

First of all, you're Daddy's girl. 
Second of all, the cake is small!

Get to it!

That's my girl!

I knew you had it in you!

Second wind!

It won't be long now!

Just make sure...

that you get...



...finger licking...


Good work!

Yeah. I know...

This is the part where the shame kicks in. 


I won't let you go out like that on a post about your birthday though!

How about a different cute pic of my girl?

Is that better,


I thought so! 

Happy Birthday Gorgeous!

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  1. Always beautiful! No matter what. Happy Birthday Miss Avery! We love you! And that goes for your family too! :)


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