Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Guest Blogger's View on the Man in Her Family's Life

Well hello out there.  I'm very pleased to be coming to you live from the Zastrow house!  If you haven't guessed yet, the guest blogger is.....the Mrs.  Yes, that's right, I am going to over come my fear of a blog post.  I decided to make my debut for a very special reason, okay, a special someone.  Mr. Adam Zastrow.  I am also accomplishing his goal of more posts and of different subject matter! ;) 
Win, win.....right?  Now, on to THE MAN!

Yup, that's the one!  Lately, he has been doing a lot for the company resembled on his cake.  Everyone say it with me now, "Walmart!"  I hope he knows just how much all that hard work is appreciated.  It allows me to stay home with our kids, which I love!  Now there is much more to this man than Walmart however and I thought I would take a moment to share with you some of the qualities we adore the most!

It's really great when he helps out with a quick cleaning up.

Avery gladly accepts a hand with those slippery little pea's. Even though in this picture it look's like Dad is trying to help with a fork.... Pea's and forks are not usually the best combo. They got the job done together and that's all the counts.

He's the best at goofing around, even if Avery is pretending to be unfazed by it.

Levi always enjoys when Daddy talks to him and gets silly.

Rides in the house during cold weather rank pretty high on the list too!  

He'll always be there to watch the big game with you!

Let's go on an adventure Daddy.......

and play with my doll house!

But there is one thing that both kids can agree on......


Hey, he's pretty handsome too.  And the guy holding the baby isn't bad either! ;)

All joking aside, we love this man, husband, father very much, he's the best!  We love spending as much time with him as possible and this Father's Day we hope he knows there is no better one out there than ours!

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  1. Well, no better, but perhaps some are tied?! :)


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