Monday, November 8, 2010

Trip to the "Pum!" Farm (pt1)

What is a little girl to do when her parents stick her in her carseat and start driving?

Especially when she has already been driving a lot in the previous days and she is less than amused we are driving again?

Can't she just stay home and play with her calculator?

Ok... we're here. So what?

Wait a minute... this place looks interesting!

It IS interesting! Actually, it looks pretty cool! It's a "pum" farm!

It's got animals to feed! Pretty nosy animals!

With high standards of personal hygene???

Oh... never mind! Lol! They just want to eat!

I like eating as well!

High Five!

Oh... Dad says that these animals don't have five...

Whatever that means...

It looks like Mom found some furry creatures to feed...

Wow are they hungry! This is awesome!

I hope this never ends!

Ah, we got a problem...

No more food! Now what!?!

These animals expect food!

They seem like they might be a little hungry yet!?!

Should we be concerned?


  1. Geesh. Brave little girl! All those goats climbing me, just might freak me out!

  2. Oh, Miss Avery!!!!! I had one of those white bunnies on my lawn this morning. It was hopping around and came to visit me through the window on my patio. If it comes again, I'll catch it and drive it up to you.

  3. I think her parents would love that Uncle Nathan. Don't you,lol?

  4. We have them in our bushes too-right by the livingroom window! Maybe we should drive ours down to Uncle Nathan's bunny so he could have many, many more to catch. Then he'll visit us often here 'up nort'. :)

  5. Just so you know... November is NaBloPoMo! That stands for National Blog Posting Month...that means you need to post something every day during the month of November... weekends included. Its November 10th, and you've posted once. This means you're behind by 9 posts already. ;)


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