Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bappy Hirthday!

Today is a certain someone's birthday! Someone special! A Grandma, Mom, and much more to many! This particular person is very careful and mindful of not disclosing too much information at times when on the internet... so in a somewhat poking fun manner... I will simply state that the birthday gal MAY or MAY NOT be the creator of a blog called Paper Delights at This person MAY or MAY NOT mind a few Happy Birthday! wishes in the comments section of her last blog post if you should feel so inclined.

Here's another hint... the person I am referring to MAY or MAY NOT be referred to as Zaren Kastrow. She MAY or MAY NOT be related to myself and MAY or MAY NOT be celebrating a "big" birthday of sorts.

After speaking to the before mentioned person this morning, I was amused to find out that one of the special things that she wanted to have accomplished on her birthday involved her second half and was somewhat related to the picture below. I guess we all hope for different things on our birthday at different times of our life, right?

I just can't help but to be a little amused. :-)

Happy Birthday
(spelled backwards to disguise identity.) 

We love you more than you'll ever know!

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  1. The may or may not be person says thanks much! But I think you let the cat out of the bag anyway. :) Am I the chips or sprinkles? Just wondering....


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