Thursday, November 18, 2010

How Many Birthdays?

How many birthdays does a person get with a little girl a little older than 1?

Not many. The experience and wisdom that a person who needs 10 hands to show their age has can and should be very valuable to someone who only needs one finger to show their age. This however is probably never realized by the person only needing to show one finger at request to share their age.

Yet, it seems that they still seek to mimic and replicate behaviors even though they don't truly get the value in a good example or wealth of knowledge and experience.

Like looking at a birthday card you helped make and have already seen... maybe because someone else is looking at their gifts as well?

Then again... where does the shadowing stop?

Should it stop at still sticking your new gifts in your mouth? 

Apparently not. Oh well. :-)

There are worse habits... right Grandpa Z?

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  1. Hey no fair! I was covering my mouth from coughing!!


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