Saturday, November 20, 2010

Feel the Love?

Below is a Facebook post I made after being reminded what day it was. Turns out it was National Unfriend Day. So, I made a very threatening post to let my friends know that they might want to think about stepping up their game little. (Friends... I am just kidding. Maybe.    ...No, really I am kidding. Probably.) Below is the interaction I received instead.

Adam Zastrow (Status Update) :Today is national unfriend day... nothing personal... actually that's not accurate. Maybe we can be friends again next year.

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Bradley Zastrow (Status Update) : I celebrated by knocking off 100 of my friends. Since I received this update, you must have slipped through the cracks again...
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Pick up on all that?
The only facebook family participants missing are the ones smart enough not to leave evidence.

Yeh. Hilarious. What a loving family. I cried many a night since this happened.

Now is the part where you comment something lame below about how you are sorry for the torment that you all put on me as we grew up and you've realized now that it has continued and is even present today. Try to stop smiling and hang your head in shame for the broken shell of a person you have made me to be today! Scared to speak, slave to my wife, and nervous around people... 

Go ahead. Let it all out. :o)

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  1. And WHAT precisely is WRONG with being a slave to your wife?! I happen to know she's a quite reasonable person! Plus, if that's all it takes, how do we get your dad signed up on Facebook, and can we set another National Unfriend Day soon? Very, very soon? ~Anonymous


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