Monday, March 29, 2010

What's going on!?!

So, after a rather weak showing of blog posts this last month I was going to log on and catch up on some stuff and junk that I meant to post... it didn't work out so well. The website refuses to let me do anything with pictures! Lame. I guess the it's upset at my absence and is refusing to cooperate right now. Yes, it can make that decision... you've never noticed your computer just having a "crabby day"? Well, it happens. I am also making the decision to allow it today. Everyone is entitled to a crabby day once in a while. Just not more often than other type of days. Right, honey? I kid. This will tell me if Kathleen is even aware that we have a blog, however.

So, computer is in crabby mode... you'd think I might be also. No? Not enough reason for me to be cranky? How about I have to go to bed now, yep, 12 noon. I know. Who is going to argue with bed ANYTIME, right? What if I told you that I have to go to bed now because I have to work a 13 hour shift beginning at 7pm? Ahh... now I might have a reason to be a little bit crabby. Am I? No! I am actually in a great mood. Going to work tonight on 3rd shift is a sign that some normality is returning to my life! I'll be back in my "home" store! No more "weird" schedule and almost triple time commute! My time in the East Capitol Walmart on the east side of Milwaukee is over (for now) and I can return to my primary work! Yes, there is work that makes me happy. While appreciated the time I had in East Capitol... boy is it good to be going back. So, that's all for now. More posts of more interesting nature to follow in the near future! Enjoy the wonderful weather headed our way! I'll be sure to dream of it until I get a taste for myself!


  1. We are glad you are able to get back to some what of normal in your life.

  2. Ha Ha, very funny babe!


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