Thursday, March 11, 2010

Avery Update!

I have been buried in work lately. The kind of work that consumes you. Stressful work. Don't feel sorry for me... I brought it on myself. I have been in the East Capitol store and it is a store with many opportunities for improvement. I am enjoying it in a sick, work driven, challenge sort of way. In other ways, not so much. So, I haven't given a lot of time lately to the blog. Today I want to take two minutes to post a couple pics of our growing baby girl. She is pulling herself up on everything lately and is pretty proud of herself! Here are a couple picks of her in her room after a nap and when we go to wake her up in the morning. This is how we have been finding the munchkin lately...

"Nap time is over!"

"Blending in... blending in... blending... *Flash* ... I'm blind!"


  1. Soon you will have to lower the mattress! She is growing up so quickly!

  2. Oh man!!! I MISS YOU AVERY!!!! :( What a cutie pie... can't wait to see her again!!! Might need to make an emergency Avery visit trip to WI before the school year is out... there are only two weekends that'll work so far though! Those aren't good odds...

  3. To adorable and now with that tooth starting to push through. Wow.


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