Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why do all the work for someone else to enjoy?

The time has come once again, spring cleaning!
Can you really call it spring cleaning in the first week of February?  

Well, that's what I'm calling it I guess.  Early spring cleaning.

I was browsing around on Pintrest the other night and I came across something that really made sense.  Over at Clover Lane she was telling her readers how she does her spring cleaning.  She said she puts herself in the shoes of a buyer.  Acting like she is buying her own house.  She came up with her method when her family was selling their last two houses.  Here is the part that is like slap you in the face, uh duh....

"I learned this: It's super super annoying to have to do all those little things you procrastinated for years, for SOMEONE ELSE! My houses never looked so good as when they were ready to be put on the market. This really annoyed me. And I vowed it would never ever happen again. (I'm just kidding on that last sentence...I'm really not that dramatic about something so trivial.)"

Told you.

I don't think that I can be quite as awesome as she is, but at least she left bread crumbs down the path. 

Her spring cleaning post is pretty darn good, I don't have the kind of time to stretch this out in a master list for a year.  I kinda need to be done by Tuesday, but still awesome motivation, and great tips/ pointers.

Yesterday I started in on my kitchen.  I got these wine glass racks for Christmas from my in-laws (Thanks!) and I was getting ready to make an improvement and get 'em hung up.

Well, of course the place where I was going to hang them didn't work out as I planned so I moved on to plan B, which I am actually much happier with.

Ohh, isn't it so pretty!?!

Originally I was going to put them in the underside of the cupboard they are now above.
I am much happier with this because the wine bottles now have their own place too!  And I keep some oh so valuable cupboard space.  I decided to move my coffee mugs over in that space.  My other cupboard where we usually keep the glasses is overflowing.  So it was nice to free up some space in there as well.

Probably the best part is, that moving the wine glasses up there forced me to clean the top of that cupboard.  It was beyond gross.  I had a lot of vases on top of it and other things all along the top of all the cupboards.  For quite some time now I would look up there and know I needed to clean up there, but who really wants to do that.  NO ONE, only Monica from Friends. ;)  You can't just clean the top of one, so I took everything down and cleaned across them all.  

A serious improvement over decor items that were almost black with dust.
Then as I started to clean all the things that were on top of there, I realized that I hadn't taken down a vase to use since I put them up there.  

When we moved in.

Three & a half years ago.


So I packed them up, all except for one.

They will be off to find a new home.

I also realized what a pain in the rear it was to clean anything that was sitting up there.  So no more of that.  Only my wine glasses (that will get enough use and will not go forgotten about, trust me) and one pretty little pitcher.  I also put sheets of wax paper on the top of each cupboard, 3 1/2 years from now this process will be a whole lot easier. ;)  

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  1. Well, it's just my humble opinion, but don't you think your hubby ought to buy you something nice to put in that vase after all that hard detail work you've been doing? Just sayin....


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