Monday, February 25, 2013

My lil' Artist

Anyone who knows Avery know she is just like her Mom, she can't get enough of the craft supplies.  We want it all, pink & sparkly, ribbons & stickers, stamps & paper, watercolors & paintbrushes.  When she is older I can see us spending some serious cash-O-la at Hobby Lobby.  So it surprised me the other night when the artist that decided to beautify my house was actually not her.

I didn't realize I had another budding Picasso in our house.  I discovered him doing his work in secret behind one of our living room chairs.  I gave him a lil' talking to in as low and disappointed of a voice as I could muster, because really I wasn't all that mad, but I was trying to still show him it is wrong to color your crayons on Mommy's walls.  (This will clean up way easier then the Vaseline he smeared all over himself and the bathroom one time.) And what did he have to say for himself?

(Levi talk, Sorry)

Oh, okay Levi.  How can you stay mad at that sweet little face?

Time to bust out the Magic Eraser.

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  1. Well, my budding artist was Uncle Nathan,but he never colored on the walls. I was surprised by van Gogh-like drawings on the dry-erase boards. Then I had to beg for it to not be erased until I could at least get a photo!


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