Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sparky the Fire Dog.....

.....and real live fire fighters, and fire trucks, oh my!

The parenting milestone I never thought I would get to, at least not this fast, taking my Avery on a field trip to the fire station! 

 This is sparky, the fire dog.  After the kids watched a Sesame Street video about fire fighters and fire stations he sang the kids a couple songs.  One was about what to do if you find matches or a lighter, another of course was about STOP, DROP, & ROLL.  Then the kids got to practice it as well.  Avery was a little shy as she always is in new unfamiliar situations, I was proud of her that she still did it.

Here she is getting a little encouragement from her teacher.

And then she did it, STOP, DROP & ROLL!!!

Fire fighter Kyle, showed the kids how they put all their gear on and what they look like in it.  It really helps the kids to see fire fighter Kyle as a regular guy, then in his fire suit, and back to regular Kyle again.  

He also showed the kids his air tank and how they bring there own air to the fires with them.  He also used a Darth Vader reference for what it sounds like when he is breathing in the air from the tank, funny how 90% of the kids have no clue yet who Darth Vader is, makes a Mom feel old.

Then he called out to the kids, how he would if he was looking for you in your house, "Is any body in there?"

The kids shouted back, "I'm over here!"

They did it a few times and by the last time they all were nice and loud.  Of course they talked about fire alarms, and having a fire plan, then the kids got to go out to the fire trucks!

Avery driving the fire truck.

This was the front of the fire truck Avery got to "drive".

All the firemen's gear ready a waiting for them.

Avery climbing into the fire truck with her classmates.

Avery sitting on the front of a fire truck.

Probably my favorite, Avery in a fire hat and coat.

It sure was an exciting day at the fire station.

A real treat for Avery, and now the real treat is for Mom, a tuckered out lil' girl napping with her brother.

How else do you think I'd be able to blog about it the same day. ;)

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