Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Last week Levi and I traveled to WY to see his first cousin and my first nephew Corban!  We just barley made it out of WI and the snow started coming down like crazy.  We're talking serious snow!  Adam sent me some picture messages of the craziness going on back home but when I got to see it myself on our drive to church Christmas day it was really beautiful to look at.  The last huge snow storm we had here was when Mr.Levi was born.  And with a newborn I wasn't exactly up for taking in the sights of snow.  The way the snow collected on the trees and covered everything with sparkling beauty in white made me want to get out my camera and go for a drive.  So that is just what I did this last Sunday.

Hope you enjoy this photos of our winter wonderland in WI!

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  1. Very pretty! Wish I'd have had the time to go along on the photo shoot!


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