Saturday, December 29, 2012

Poinsettia Hair Flower

Well here's the thing.  I started my own blog, and linked it over here but I just don't have it in me apparently to post to two blogs.  I will just label my posts over here Hairbrained Ideas, and that will be that. Still a little slice of the web to post my creations but not the pressure (so much pressure, ahhh) of my own blog.  

With that said, here is my first creation to be posted.

We were gifted this gorgeous dress from another manager my husband worked with when Miss. Avery was born.  It also has a beautiful red winter coat to go with.  Back then I couldn't have imagined the day it would have actually fit her, but this Christmas was it!  A dress like this doesn't need much, who am I kidding anything, extra but I just had this vision of a beautiful poinsettia flower in her hair.

On a trip to Wally one day I was on the hunt for supplies.  The hair clips, and bundle of flowers cost me $2.25!

First I plucked apart the bundle of flowers and combined together the four flowers into two to make the flower a bit more full.  I had some red ribbon at home and hot glued it around the clip.

Then hot glued the flower layers to the red ribbon hair clip.  I didn't like the stuff that was in the middle of the flowers originally (don't know what it's called), so I replaced it with a large clump of sparkling yellow beads.
I squeezed out a large dot of hot glue and mounded on the beads, and added a little more glue and repeated.
I loved how it turned out and I ended up with a hair flower for Miss. Avery and one to share!

Simple, pretty, and cheap! Can't beat that!


  1. Cute hair flower for a very cute girl! Just have to ask - who are the people popping out of your Christmas tree up in the left hand corner?

  2. I love it! I hope I get to see her all decked out on "our" Christmas!

  3. The people are decorative carolers that I put in the window this year. :) And the kids will dress up in their Christmas outfits for the Zastrow Christmas too! :) You can't let a dress like that sit in the closet!


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