Friday, January 11, 2013


When the new year comes most people make their new year resolutions, and I am no different.  This year I thought about it for a while though.  I wanted not to just say I want to lose weight, and keep my house clean and organize our storage room (yikes) but I was thinking about things that would make me happy.  While if I actually accomplished the above ideas I would be happy but I would be happier if the things I tried to do really made me truly happy on the inside, not just the outside.  So here is my new year resolution list.

Feel good in the cloths I am in, & embrace my inner fashionista!
Yea, I know that sounds a lot like losing weight but it is more about feeling good about my self in the cloths that I wear.  I have been struggling for a while with dressing for my mid 20's (before you laugh...) because I feel like some things are too old, and some cloths are too young.  I feel like it's hard to find exactly what I'm looking for. But along with feeling good in my cloths I want to jump out of the box more, and not say I can't wear skinny jeans cuz I'm too short, or I can't wear colored pants cuz I'm a Mom, try everything (without spending a million dollars either) because you don't know if you don't try.

Blog MORE!
I really want to try to dedicate more time to blogging.  At first when the hubs started this blog I was scared to post to it.  It took me a while to give it a try, and what happened when I did.... I liked it!  I admire those blogs that have "Pintrest Friday" and "Wordless Wednesdays" or "Recipe Tuesday" I want to try to amp it up over here at Life with the Z's, because I have found that I really enjoy it!

Get better at Birthday Cards, Anniversary Cards, & Thank You Cards!
I stink at this!  Like pathetically bad, especially for a lady that stamps her own cards...  When I get cards in the mail from people who thought of me for my birthday or our anniversary it makes me feel good, and I want to pass that feel good on to the people I love and care about in my life.

Actually finish something!
Hmm, I could take up pages of a note book of all the started projects.  To name a few, a gutted piano sitting in my living room, felt busy books for the kids that have lots of pieces cut but nothing sewn together, ton's of cloths for the kids that I want to repurpose into something new,  digital scrapbooking, and real life scrapbooking.... you get the idea.  I really want to try and get some of these things done so instead of having grand ideas, I have awesome finished projects. :)

Continue to OWN IT as a stay at home Mom!
There are times that it is easy to get caught up in the idea that all I do is clean up after everyone (lets be clear, my house is not spotless, it's not that I spend every waking moment cleaning up after people but if your a Mom you know what I mean) or make dinner, or wash cloths.  And It is true that all of those are part of what I do, it is hard to not think of yourself as a maid (okay, maybe a little dramatic but really...) and that you don't hold any important job.  I struggled with that a whole lot my first year home, I was used to making money, making people feel beautiful after they stopped in at my stylist chair, and it was a hard transition.  But more and more I have learned that I am doing the most important thing that I can't be doing right now for my husband and kids.

I'm a wanna be photographer!
True.  I wish I could spend lots of money on fancy photography equipment and spend more time learning and experimenting with photography.  That's not real life for me, but I do want to keep learning and experimenting when I have time, because I have found a new love for it over the past few years and I want to keep it up.  Who know's maybe one day down the road it will turn into something more.

Bring myself closer to the Word of God!
In the last couple years there have been some changes in my life that I could not have made it through with out the Word of God.  I find myself leaning on God almost every single day, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I want to continue to grow my relationship with God, and to learn more of the truths He has for me.

That's it, not too hard right?!  

Alright, I'm off to try on new cloths, send out a birthday card, finish sewing something, while reading my Bible, then take a pictures of it and shout from my roof, hey I am a stay at home Mom, and then I'll be back to blog about it, OK?!?!

Cheers to 2013!!!


  1. Cheers to YOU, Kathleen! Embrace all of it! But don't let ANYONE make you doubt yourself in the work you do. It IS the most important that so many others allow substitutes to do for them, and society pays. You go girl! Keep up the great work!


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