Monday, December 10, 2012

Kids these days are all hopped up on...

...Mommy's coffee with white chocolate raspberry creamer!?

I was playing around with these fake poinsettia flowers I got at Wally yesturday (I'll post later what I am doing with them) and Levi walks in the dinning room holding my coffee cup.

Without a moments pause he tips it up like he's just casually getting his morning pick me up.

I see a little brown coffee on his undershirt, so I opened up his jammies and BAM!, it's like a flood of coffee! 

And what happens you ask, when you take away the coffee cup and start cleaning up the little monster?

He pitches a fit! :)

And wants to hide away from the world as most do when they don't get their morning cup of joe.

Oh Levi, what on earth am I gonna do with you?

I guess start soaking your shirt in cold water.


  1. This little man is gonna just get me every time with that quirky smile :-)

  2. Oh dear. Glad it all ran down the front! I don't think he really needs any caffeine! He knows very well how to make his needs known already! :)


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