Friday, October 26, 2012

Pumpkin Farm Take 2

No, we didn't go to the pumpkin farm twice.  I just thought I would share more!

Right away the kids were drawn to the birds to look at.  
We wanted to get the whole picture thing done with first so Jen and I scoped out a good spot by the corn and dragged everyone over there.

Well if you know Levi at all by now he just goes where his little heart and feet lead him.  He would have kept walking if we didn't stop him.  He has no fear of not knowing where I am, he just doesn't care.  Which scares me to death.  Funny how that works though, because at home if he doesn't know where I am he freaks out.  What's up with that?!  Anyway.

Then there was the pictures we tried to take, here is just an example of how it all really went down.

After we had bugged the kids enough with, "SMILE", "HOLD STILL", "LOOK AT JEN"...
we moved on the the main event.

Pumpkin heaven!

Best. Day. Ever!

Until Mom wanted to try and get a few more cute pictures.
Levi really tried to put his foot down.  I actually think this picture is hilarious, he really blends in with his cameo and hunting orange.

After they once again showed me how crazy I was to try and take more pictures I let it go.  And they took off and checked out the ostriches. 

Seriously those birds freak me out.  Something about those taller then me, faster then me animals with beady little eyes just freak me out.  I don't even like being directly on the other side of the fence from one, so I was happy to take this picture from a far. 

Of course the kids loved it.

I am just glad their Dad is an ol' farm boy from back in the day, he handles them in these sort of "Mom is freaked out by the giant bird" moments. ;)

See, like I said, Dad handles that part.

Adam's grandpa calls Levi a mail man, I think you all pretty much get why. :)

Miss Avery was content doing her own thing, collecting leaves from around the pumpkins and such.

Then Adam took the kids around in a wagon for a bit, just long enough for me to snap some more pictures which I happen to love.

Yup, those are my goofy kids!

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