Sunday, February 19, 2012

Levi's First Haircut

I have been looking at Levi's hair for a long time thinking it needed cutting.  For some it wouldn't bother them at all, but I must explain something to you about why it is that I am a nut about little boys (or big boys for that matter) hair.

I worked at a salon in Hartford, Studio 106 to be exact (shout out to them, "Hey!") and I did a lot of boys haircuts in that time.  What I could never understand, and probably won't ever is why, why in the world do they want a California surfer dude haircut, you know "The Bieber"!?!?

News flash, we live in Wisconsin, there is no surf here only fields with cows!

Day after day, boys (when I talk about boys I'm talking about age range (7-17) would come in with their mothers and pitch a fit about being dragged in to the salon for a haircut.  Really, REALLY???  
"No Mom, I don't want my ears to show!"
"Don't take to much off the bangs." 
Who actually likes to flip their head to the side about 100 times a day just to see?
You would not believe what I saw from these boys...
So needless to say I have a thing with boys hair, clean cut is the only way to be!
Okay, enough of my rant and on to the cute pictures!

Here is the before.  I don't think anyone could resist those eye's no matter what the hair looks like!

First I sprayed him down....

.....then got to work.

He has his moments.... like all kids do for their first haircut.


I think Levi soon realized that he was strapped in and not going anywhere so he gave up for the most part.  Besides the occasional head swing trying to look at what I was doing to him.

He did get a bit bucky again and I brought in my reinforcements.  Playing with Daddy's tie was a good distraction.

Enough so I could get around his neck and ears without him really knowing what I was doing.

Ahh, much better.

That's right Levi, give 'em the "sterling"!

Sorry ladies, he taken!  He's all mine, drool dribble in all!

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  1. Wouldn't want to cover up those baby blues with hair (or anything)!


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