Saturday, February 4, 2012

Week I mean Week 25

Week 5 was about organizing recipes and cookbooks.  So I have been trying for a while now to gradually take recipes that I love and are written down on a card somewhere and after I make them type them up on the computer and categorize them.  So in a sense I already started.  But here is the problem.  I fell in love, with a digital stamp/ scrap booking recipe card pattern.  You can find it at My Digital Studio, through Stamp'n Up.  I have not purchased it yet but have plans to.  So I stop there.  I don't want to continue with the wrong system.  


I found a substitute with Week 25.  Lately my hubby and I have been in a purging mode.  And he suggested that I go through my coats and shoes and donate ones I don't wear.  Is he mad!?  You know some of those things only have certain occasions in mind and you have to have the right coat and shoes for every occasion....  That was my gut reaction, then I thought, wait, I can do this. :)  And probably should but didn't want to admit it.  So when I was scrolling through the list of titles of other weeks in the challenge I new week 25, purses and briefcases (Ahem, or diaper bags in my case) was the perfect fit.  I'm sure that's where the hubs was going to direct me next anyway. ;) 

So here it is.  My box 'o purses on the table, with a little girl eating her lunch and a teddy bear watching.  Yes, I hate to say it, but I think I might have to many.

And I have green grocery bags......


and diaper bags......

And the current purse, and diaper bag that I take to the Y.

So you want to know what I am keeping?

A couple over-sized purses, a couple of smaller ones, my tiny faux Coach bag that I love for the airport and travel (not that I have lately but someday again), and a few of my favorite wallets.  I kept my green bags, I just put them away in a better spot, and kept the other diaper bags and put them away in the storage room.  I tend to trash diaper bags so it's nice to have back ups.  I also went through and cleaned out the current purse and switched my stuff over to the giraffe print with green accent purse, just for a change.  I am donating 12 purses/ wallets/ bags.  Wow that feels good!

Happy Organizing!
The Mrs.


  1. I love that you're following through with the 52 week plan...I never even made it to week 1 lol

  2. I hate to admit it but I should go though mine too :/

  3. Wow! I know what a sacrifice that is for you Kathleen! Good work. Now, what is HE getting rid of? Isn't it time to tell/ask him to go through something too? Seems fair to me! :) But please, please, don't send "the rejects" down here! :)

    1. HE is a purger. SHE is more of the hoarder variety. :)


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