Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Farm Fun

This year was Levi's first trip to the Pumpkin farm!  With so much to look at and explore who wouldn't have a good time?

Yey! Pumpkins!

We gave him a closer look, he didn't seem sure of these big round things with a funny "stick" coming out the top.

"Mom, these toys are too big!"

Avery on the other hand, being the experienced farm connoisseur she is, had no hesitation.... 

Here we go, a pumpkin chair! Perfect!
With so many pumpkins, hows a girl suppose to chose the perfect one?  Hmm......

"Back up the car and get out your credit card Daddy, I'll take them all!"

Nothing can come between this girl and her pumpkins....... 

......well, maybe one thing.....

There were so many animals, and Avery has no fear.  Me on the other hand, I could use some of that fearlessness. I never liked animals that get to close, you know the kind that know you bought a cup of food and nudge or nibble at you for it.....  

That's better, I like to look at them from behind the fence.  This beauty caught Avery's eye, I think Avery's hair "pretty" caught the ducks eye.

Of course we had to go over and check out the horses too.
 Avery fed the horses some grass while Levi watched. Next year buddy....

Then we headed over to some cute cut outs that transformed our cute little Avery in to a big bad monster....

Some how I'm just not buying the big, bad part....

Levi and Avery popped their head through this fun pumpkin too!

Levi really enjoyed his first trip to the farm.....

.......and Avery was happy to share all the pumpkin fun with her little brother!

***This post is brought to you by the Mrs. , Adam does a better job at this than I do......***


  1. Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing! I love this... wish I could have come too... which pumpkin farm is this? LOVING the new header pictures too. Oh how I miss those munchkins... :(

  2. It was at Meadowbrook Farm by the Washington County Fair grounds. :)

  3. What wonderful pictures! Looks like a fun time was had by the whole family.

  4. Awwwww. It was a lo-o-o-o-o-ng wait for the post, but well worth it! :)
    ::stomping and clapping:: More. More. More. More. More! :)


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