Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Little Brother Mischief

This little girl and her brother were playing so nice in their room together.  Levi found some toys he liked and Avery decided to play dress up.

Her bears also got dressed up for some princess fun!
Now it was time for princess lessons... to make sure your crown is placed just so,

and that your pretty top is buttoned up perfectly.

Now these princess bears were ready for their photo op with princess Avery, wait a minute....

Here comes Levi, showing awesome little brother skill, he knows just when to strike.

It seems it is programmed in little boys to bother their sisters in such a way that always pushes their buttons.  I say little boys but my brother pretty much didn't stop until around high school. Geesh, I can think of anyone that could possibly relate to me..... { cough, cough, Steph, cough, Sam, cough, cough) 

Here he goes again, it just completely ruffled Avery's feathers, I couldn't help but laugh.  The best part to me is that he doesn't even realize yet what exactly it is that he is doing, see like I said, PROGRAMMED! Ahahahaha

With no hesitation Avery scoops up her princess bears and carry's them away to safety........

Whew, all is well in pretend princess land.

Well, for as long and Levi is occupied by another toy.

Oh no Avery, hide your bears, he's on the loose again! 

-The Mrs.


  1. That never happens! I'll bet that was all staged. ::Hee hee. Ri-i-i-i-i-i-ght::


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