Thursday, June 9, 2011

Auctioneer Avery

Ok, so Avery isn't really looking in to the auctioneer career yet. She did get a kick out of her Dad trying to imitate the auctioneer however. About 3 weeks back a farm auction took place on the weekend and far too close to home for Avery to resist going to see the goods with Grandpa and Dad. 

There was really only one thing in her mind that cold morning as Dad clipped her in to her car seat...


Little Avery is going to have to wait a while before truly getting to experience tractors the way she envisions I imagine. For there is one large problem for little Avery when it comes to tractors...

being that she is little...

 and tractors are large!

While an auction itself if only so interesting to a 1 year old, there are other VERY exciting things around to occupy time.

Try picking up stones and pretty yellow flowers and giving them to Grandpa!

Then do it again... and again... and again...and... you get the point.

There are enough stones and pretty yellow flowers around that it could last a really, really  long time.

I said it could last a long time. 

Through experience only, this little girl would tell you that the stone and flower picking stops when you find yourself in a cattle water tank.

Apparently flowers don't grow in and stones are rare in a water tank. Luckily, there is other fun to be had when a small puddle of water is found on the bottom. More on the studies of shoe meets water rapidly later... a very interesting experiment though. Look it up. 

After all that excitement it was time for the main event...

guess what it is.

Were you right? 
Apparently Grandpa guessed correctly.

Watching cattle being auctioned off can really only get better in a couple of ways.

Can you see how it got better?

No? Didn't see it?
Try now.

Avery, they're not getting it. 

Can you help them out?

There ya go!

Now the full experience has been had!

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