Thursday, May 26, 2011

There's Been No Time

There has been no time for blogging lately. Work has consumed most of it as we are moving a major part of the store this week and last week was all prep. No time for blogging has also meant less time for family and certainly  drawing the short straw has been my lovely wife. She is patient, understanding, and accommodating whenever possible and when dealing with myself sometimes that can be an impressive feat! I'm not saying that I have been particularly difficult lately, but I certainly haven't been at my most energetic helpful self around this home. 

Kathleen is great to remind me that she loves me and is excited about spending time with me the next time it becomes available. Lately, with how work has been, the only opportunity has been the weekend for short periods. Most of my evening is attention given to my beautiful daughter... or my beautiful television... or my sleep inducing recliner. When Kathleen expresses her eagerness and patience with the upcoming weekend my response is most likely far from satisfying to her. I couldn't tell you exactly what I say as I don't rightly remember, but I do know the tone and words are that of the "ungh huh" agreement lacking the excitement and love displayed by her initiated words. Some of the ladies out there would probably say a
"token husband" response. 

I'm not proud of it and I can issue a hundred excuses to explain why, but the simplest is fatigue and if my brain is even moving at the point of the evening, it's probably thinking about everything that has to happen before the weekend actually arrives. So, while my response is less then satisfying at those moments, my beautiful bride, please know that at many other times during the week I am in fact thinking of you and still appreciating you. 

The truth is that we love Mommy as well. You are far better at making it known to me than I am to you. Please know that I am looking forward to my time with you coming up and I appreciate all that is of one of God's greatest blessings to me, 
my wife, 

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  1. What a great way to start the day! Jump on the computer and find a blog post about how much I'm loved by my husband! Thank you Adam, I love you too!


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