Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Refry's" Easter Pics

As promised in the last blog post, little "Refry" is going to get his day in the spotlight as well with his almost as equally adorable photos from Easter. 

Take a look at the next photo and see if you can find the little guy.

Look close...

No luck? Let me get you a little closer...

There he is!

The main attraction!

Hey! Aww C'mon!

Avery! You are not in this picture!

No, no, No!  Don't get comfortable!

Out! Back up. Out of the picture!


You won't leave?

We'll go somewhere else then...

Yeah, I know, Levi. Mom was helping pick the scenery.

Just try to be happy and work with it.

Wait a minute... Ok...

... I agree. Some things just go to far. 

Mom was involved with the props as well. 

I know it's ridiculous, but look at the bright side...

At least you are alone for a picture for once.

(Hand to forehead)

I guess you're going to have to live with it, "Refry".

You'll grow to love her. :) 

Besides... pretty much all the women in this family are part of a package deal...

You know what I mean...

Laugh if you want to...

but I'm not the one sitting in easter grass...

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  1. That's our little man. He can take it :}


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