Monday, May 9, 2011

Mommy's Day

Yesterday I had the privilege to spend the morning with 3 wonderful mommies. I had a moment of overwhelming appreciation as I sat in the church pew in the middle of two kids and 3 mothers that all possess so many admirable qualities. How much more blessed can a person be than to be sitting in church on Mother's Day with three mothers that have made such a difference in the lives of so many? Truly an overwhelming moment. Luckily, none of the 3 noticed the quickly wiped away welling of tears from the eyes of their company. There were two little blessings present in the pew with us that provided the perfect distraction!

Ideally, now would be the picture that I had remembered to take after church when we went out to eat.


However, because I didn't remember to take that picture, (Hand to forehead) there is no picture. 

It seems to me that the ones always remembering to take pictures... are the mommies!
Not only that, but when looking for pictures of mommies, it becomes evident that the ones normally holding the cameras... are the mommies!

So, I offer you the next best recent (sort of recent) thing to a Mother's Day picture...

It's a picture of one of the best things you can ever share with mommies that did such a good job raising us!

I am truly humbled when thinking about the mothers in my life. I can't even put it in to words. Seriously. I've tried. It's hard to find words encompassing enough to do it justice. 

I think most of you can relate however. So, you are going to have to just nod in understanding. 

After nodding in understanding... look to the heavens and thank the Big Guy that makes it all possible. Mother's Day is special to me and I have two more little ones that will understand it more some day. I look forward to being able to tell them how wonderful their mommy is. Although, I'm sure that they will probably understand it to a certain degree without someone having to tell them. 

Happy Mother's day to those out there that I missed and to my lovely wife... you are an amazing mommy and we're blessed to have you. 


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