Sunday, February 13, 2011

World Champs! Go Pack Go!

So, I did the best I could. It's been one full week since the Packers became World Champions! After an awesome morning of Levi being baptized, the celebrating continued and the family got in the festive mood to support our Green Bay Packers!

Everyone dressed for the occasion...

... and I mean everyone!

Our friends the W's hosted a Super Bowl party and it was quite the event! Everyone was excited to meet the newest member of the family and the party delivered on all the excitement we could have imagined!

There was great food!

Great seating for the game!

Great uhh... laying for the game?

Even a cute puppy to play with during the commercials!

Everything one could hope for at that party! Even soft stairs to practice climbing!

There were also friends to share in the excitement and cheering the pack on!

Friends that shared in cheering the pack AND climbing the stairs!

...but mostly excited to cheer on the pack!

There's nothing like sharing in the excitement of a Green Bay Packer Super Bowl win with your favorite little family members!

Especially when they are so willing to partake in giving high fives and cheering for the new World Champs!

The only thing that could possibly rival that excitement and fun in regards to the Pack and family...

Is someday being able to tell your son about his 5 day old experience with Mommy and Daddy!

Whether he slept through most of it or not...  :-)

Go Pack!

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