Friday, February 4, 2011

February 1st... Another Date We Will Never Forget

The Z's were due to have a baby boy on February 10th of 2011. That was the date the doctor, several tests, and all "planning" was centered around. However, in a token reminder that we are truly not the ones in control, the good Lord decided that little Levi Adam Zastrow was going to make his intro into the world two minutes before 11 am on February the 1st of 2011. 9 days before the predicted date! Little Levi was barely entering our "radar" by the 1st of the month and several things were planned to occur in preparation and anticipation of his arrival. Hah!

In great contrast to his older sister's journey of arriving 4 days after her due date and after 26 hours of labor... Levi entered this world 9 days before his due date and after 5 hours of labor. What a go getter, hey?

So, I am blessed to introduce the newest member of the Z's...

*drum roll*

He "stands" 20 1/2 inches tall...

He weighs in at a generous 6 lbs 12 ozs...

and his favorite colors are Green and Gold...
(I couldn't resist.)

Levi Adam Zastrow!

The wonderfully blessed mother that couldn't have been happier that morning!

My beautiful wife was not the only mother that met little Levi that day...

Beating a whopper of a snow blizzard were both Grandma's of course!

Almost as happy as Levi's mommy!

I'm sure sharing in the little bit of pride and joy of having a boy that the men seem to have...

was the driver and courageous leader that made it possible for them to visit before the storm... Grandpa!
(He also made it possible for the Z's to return after the storm as well! Thanks Pop!)

Oh yeah! I think there was someone else pretty happy to welcome Levi to the family!

Who was it?



of course it was the new "big" sister! Avery!

She was all to happy to begin pointing out how healthy Levi was!

Yes, he has a nose!
Yes, he has eyes!
Yes, he has a mouth...
uh huh, that's his chin...
yep, you're right, Avery, those are his ears...

She couldn't be prouder... yet I couldn't help but notice that she didn't count his toes.

Oh well. It's early. She has 20 years of school before she's official anyway. :-)

So, of course the Z's will be focused on one thing in particular for the near future...

Well... maybe two things in the near future...

It's okay, though. It's how Levi would want it. :o)


  1. Kathleen, you look absolutely gorgeous in your picture! Especially since you just went through 5 hours of labor! Everyone else looks really good too, of course, and I can't wait to meet Levi :)

  2. Geesh! It's about time! ;) Levi is going to have to learn patience to get his place in the sun! ;)

  3. No kidding, Kathleen. At least make it LOOK like the 5 hours was hard... even if it was just 5 and not 26! ;) Everyone looks great! Congrats, again, to mommy, daddy, sister Avery, Grandparents, Great-Grandparents, Auntie and Uncles, etc. SO can't wait to meet Levi!! :) And what is up with the Grandmas and their ORANGE?! Did they plan that? ;) Hmm....

  4. Kathleen you look absolutely wonderful! Not to mention I can see the love and joy in you for that wonderful little boy.


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