Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Welcome to the Lord, Levi!

This last Sunday something special happened. No, it's not what you think it was.

Just like Levi's early arrival was a wonderful blessing and not exactly as planned...

so was his entrance into the the Kingdom of the Lord!

We didn't celebrate baptism with all the tradition and "doings" that we normally package around such a wonderful moment, but the wonderful moment took place just the same.

Levi is healthy and well, but the thought occurred that given the choice to know the Lord now or in 2 weeks... what would we choose? Now of course!

It was pretty special to have Avery present as well. While she undoubtedly doesn't understand now, it is going to be exciting to share with her in the future!

So, from less than a week ago having an earthly birth, Levi goes to the blessing of a spiritual birth! What a week for Levi and family!

Being that the baptism was not planned as we originally thought it would occur, many were not able to be present. However, we will be affirming that baptism like scheduled and brothers and sister will be able to attend and celebrate at that time! I know Levi is eager to meet them!

Thanks to those who responded on short notice and were able to share in the joy! It was special to have you all so close and present for the baptism! Something that I will also enjoy sharing with Levi some day!


  1. Welcome to the 'bigger' family Levi! We're SO glad you are part of the family of Christ now! And by golly those photos look familiar....:)

  2. Love that pic of Avery, but where's 'the man'?


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