Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Who's Got Talent?

Most of my life I have been surrounded by family that seemed to have a natural talent for creative skills and crafting. My Mom has an obvious knack for it and growing up there was evidence of influence with one of my brothers and then shortly after that, I met my lovely wife. Kathleen has a very creative brain and it pops out in random places at random times occasionally. One of the places she has used to remind me that she and Avery love their Daddy/Hubby is the chalk board hanging just inside the door we use most often in our house. It's been a pleasant surprise of sorts when I come home from work and find a message on the chalk board from my girls. Makes a person smile!

However, today instead of showing you something that Kathleen's creative brain did...

I bring you the works and styling of Adam.

Not exactly mind blowing talent... but not horribly shabby if I say so myself.
The spongebob button in the top corner has nothing to do with my creation by the way.

If you can picture my wifey smiling when she saw this... then do something small and "smile inducing" for someone you love today also!

Seriously! Go do it!

It's the little things that go a long way, right?


  1. Hi Guys! You make me :D !! How's that?! I get to see you (Ok them) later today too! :-P

  2. He went to Jareds.


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