Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Whether You Like It Or Not

There are a lot of things that I will allow my children to like or dislike as I will want them to grow and form opinions of their own under the right research and a foundation of guidance. Certain things are obviously going to be non-negotiables at certain ages and other things will be firm as long as I am Daddy. I am confident that with the Lord's help and guidance, I will be able to show my children the "whys" of what I believe and the why of what they should believe.

Then, there will be other less weighted issues and opinions that I could care less on what their preference is and hope they make those decisions on their own. Their favorite color, their favorite uncle, or their favorite favor of jelly beans are all things I know they will adopt on their own.

There is only one tiny little thing that I may need to influence a little bit...

That's right. Their favorite pass time sport and team! Go Packers!

Right now it appears Avery needs some convincing, don't you think?

There are a lot of things she kicks and screams about these days...

so a little kicking and screaming on the way to Packer Fandom isn't a problem!

Besides, if I can't seem to handle it myself...

I'll just bring in the reinforcements!

Go Pack!


  1. No offense, but I think we all know who the favorite uncle is.

  2. Maybe she's Grandma's girl on this 'sport thing'. Gooooo AVERY! :)


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