Friday, June 18, 2010

Aunts and Uncs!

Avery has seen a lot of her Aunt's and Uncle's the last week... Foolishly, I didn't catch enough of it on camera and don't have pictures! Ooops! (Help me out here Steph) However, before all the 'seasonal' aunt and uncles came home for the summer, she got a special visit from Uncle "Effery" and pictures were taken!

Here's Unc Jeff with Avery outside by a makeshift campfire...

...and here is Uncle Effery putting a wet one on little Avery...

...and here is little Avery repulsed and trying to shake the willies off from Unc's kiss...

... Just kidding! Avery loves kisses! She knows because she gets a lot of them!

"Keep 'em coming! I can take it!" -Avery


  1. Lovely pictures! And now for your grammar reminder of the day...
    The apostrophe has three uses: form possessives of nouns show the omission of letters indicate certain plurals of lowercase letters

  2. Aack. Thats what comes' from liv'in with an English major. Hey Sam--this is Adams' blog! ;)


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