Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Gary Day!

Last night we spent some time "down on the farm" for an early Father's Day. The stars all aligned just right and the entire family was present. It doesn't happen very often given the lives of my brothers and sisters and the geography gap that must be closed at any given time by any of the 4 of them. Of course, we too have to "head down south" to get to the farm. So far south that I might have to throw a stone 2 or 3 times to get it there.
So, since everyone was home, we gathered to appreciate and spend time with our Daddy, Grand Daddy, and Great Grand Daddy. The father of most present was my Pa, Gary. Now, his first name, Gary, is not the most common name around anymore, but may have had its time and place. That time and place must have passed quickly however as I became accustomed to weird looks and funny remarks in reaction to the name Gary.
I didn't get those looks or funny comments when referring to my Dad, but rather when referring or exposing my middle name to friends, schoolmates, or co-workers. The most common dialect went down like this:
Person (complexed looked on face): "Your middle intial is a G? What's your middle name?"
Me: "Guess what it is." (noone has ever guess correctly)
Person: "Gerald? Greg? Gus? Gomer?"
Me: "Very funny. No. It's Gary."
Person (sceptical look and disbelieving smile) & (sometimes just outright laughter): "No it isn't! Shut up! What is it really?"
Me: "Really. It's Gary."
Person: "Gary. Huh. (Insert lame joke here)"

Now, I am not one that is unfamiliar with being teased, nor am I one unfamiliar with doing a little teasing myself (a little), so this of course never bothered me, but rather I enjoyed it quite a bit and am proud to carry a name as respected and loved as Gary (dad) is "in these here parts". Last night I foolishly *slap my forehead* forgot to snap any pictures while we were enjoying eachothers company. Duh! Blog! Hello! So, in respect, love, and ever present teasing... I offer a picture of Gary on Father's Day...

and of course a picture of the rest of the family (which might explain the above picture of Gary if you didn't get it)...

Meeeeoooow, Dad... Meeeeoooow.


  1. Now HE's the one with the puzzled look on his face!! ;)

  2. That's what middle names are for.
    I share the "G" and people also have trouble guessing.
    But then they forget and have to guess over again.
    I think it was Kevin in college who associated the name "Gerald" with "Geraldo" and that was a rumor that I had to clear once.


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