Monday, April 15, 2013

8 hour flight, 1 hour flight, and a rental car later.

The morning started with cinnamon rolls, a tradition in our house for eventful mornings, Christmas is the big one. Today seemed like it called for cinnamon rolls. It was the last family breakfast for quite a few days, and it was perfect. The four of us huddled around our living room coffee table eating cinnamon rolls, and us laughing at the kids and how they devoured their breakfast treat.  Then it was time to start frantically loading the car to drop the kids off for the longest time we have ever left them. Even with all the excitement behind traveling to Germany, we left our hearts in WI with our little crazy head, Levi and sweet Avery pie.  With big squeezes and lots of kisses it was time for us to start our journey.  The first of many steps was a drive to somewhere familiar, Milwaukee, but that's were anything familiar ends.

Hoping on the bus to Chicago we took in part of a Luther movie, very appropriate considering many towns in the movie we will be visiting on our own little trip to Luther Land.  The ride went very quickly, we didn't even finish the movie and we were at O'hare.  After a couple scans of our passports, our shoes, our bags, our bodies, and a retina scan (okay,kidding about the last one) we were through security and ready to wait. We grabbed some hot dogs for lunch, what else would you get in Chicago right, and boarded the plane. First we finished up our Luther movie and then we each watched our own choice of movie on the screens on the chair backs in front of us. An in-flight meal was served and we tried to get some rest.  Unfortunately for us, more myself then Adam, we were seated next to a man that had very horrible breath. He also had the isle seat so we were trapped. Somehow we survived the 8 hour flight and arrived in Frankfurt.  As we were walking around we were not used to seeing English as the language second, listed below the main language. Adam used a kiosk to scan our boarding pass for our connection to Berlin and had to push the English flag button it just felt weird.

After a short 1 hour flight we landed in Berlin where again it was weird to hear German being spoken first over the PA and then English.  The strangest thing was that we didn't have to go threw customs at our final destination. Although we did go through a little "customs" of our own when we arrived at the Hertz counter.  Really everything at the counter went okay it was when we got to our vehicle that it started to sink in for Adam that he was driving that thing through the country and had no idea what he was doing.  So we quickly downloaded a road signs cheat sheet and off we went for a crash course, hopefully not literally, driving through Germany 101.  We really did almost have our own Chevy Chase round about scene.  After a few missed turns, turning down a closed road and having to ask directions from a local we made it to our hotel in one piece.  Now getting down the parking garage was a whole other tight space experience but we made it threw that also, and now I sit writing this from our room, where if we were back in the states right now it would be 4am. Whew, crazy day but so far so good.

Adam in our renal looking up the rules of the road in Germany.

A huge round about with about 6 different exits around this monument, that we almost had to go around again and  again.

Our room at the Andel's hotel in Berlin.

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