Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Right Back Atcha

My last post was a picture that my wife made claiming it to be of me. Right. Well those who know me will also know that I am more than likely to respond. So here is my lovely wife...

I find it to be quite funny as the picture would signify a pretty well off, pampered individual and I chuckle thinking about her reaction to seeing this. :)

As you probably are aware of, the picture is far from the reality. Instead, my beautiful wife has been at home with a fussy baby and an eager, no lack of energy toddler. I know I said beautiful, but did I mention patient, boundless in love, mentoring, and tolerant of an annoying husband? Yeah, all that too, and more. What a woman. I, a man, might be able to beat her in arm wrestling or jar openning, but when it comes to patience and nurturing... I've got nothing on her. Keep up the great work honey and thank you so much. :)

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