Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Levi's First Photo Shoot!

Who does this foot belong to?

I'll give you a hint, it's not mine. Hard to believe right?

Ok, if you can't figure it out, I'll have to show you another picture clue. Would a picture of the person's hand help?

If you are still having problems figuring it out after that last picture clue... I simply don't know how else I can possibly help you.

Of course, it's our little man, Levi.
A person has to marvel at the little feet and hands of a baby. It just magnifies the miracle and blessing that children are. I'm told to soak up the little features as well, as they disappear quickly! I'm starting to get that with our experience with Levi's big sis.

Here's the little guy in a larger, whole form...

He had quite an afternoon taking pictures. While I can appreciate pictures afterwards and the memories they help preserve years later... I am not the most patient picture participant. I can only imagine what it is like for a little guy like Levi. It has to be a long, grueling experience. Once again however, while I sympathize, I still appreciate them when I see pictures like the next one.

"Mommy is my hairstylist... I was going for the edgy mysterious look. Thanks Mom!"

Of course when you are involved in a lengthy complete photo shoot not all of the pictures are of you being "spot on". There are a few pictures of the subjects just being themselves and waiting for the cue to be ready. Sometimes those turn out to be great photos and funny moments as well.

Here's one of Levi listening to a conversation off camera and Avery watching the crew adjust the equipment. Now there's a real moment. Lol.

Avery - "I wonder if I get anything cool after this is over."
 Levi - "So many fuzzies in so many places. I feel weird."

Here is another "real" moment. Levi just waiting for the lights and camera adjustments, I'm sure.

"What should I have for lunch? I wonder how long this is going to go yet? Do the Brewers really have a shot at the pennant this year? What's the deal with Fielder anyway?"

I can't end without a picture of everyone looking forward and ready though.

That just wouldn't be right.

Say, "Cheese"!

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  1. Beautiful! (And may I say, it's about time!) ;)


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