Saturday, October 16, 2010

Goodbye Midnight

A couple weeks ago Avery took part in her first burial!  
...and I'm not sure why I am using the explanation mark as if this is another exciting "first" of Avery's!

It was a much more notable experience for reasons of actually taking care of the burial that we had been putting off rather than Avery being present for it.

Still, it appeared that there were some sad feelings as we said goodbye to Kathleen's childhood "man's best friend"...

Wait... are they BOTH really THAT upset?

Ok. No tears here. How would she know whats going on?

Maybe Mommy is having a hard time with it...

I think she'll be okay...

...and that's because she knows that Midnight is going to rest in peace!

Golf ball graciously found and then donated to Midnight's memorial by Avery.

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