Friday, April 27, 2012

Pick Up Noodles

No I did not put an awesome twist on a classic game.  It is what I got to do tonight after I left the kitchen for 2 minutes, came back and saw this.

Yes, I got to pick up noodles that my little Levi pulled from the pantry and dumped on the floor.  Lately he has taken off with his walking, he was slow starting and very cautious with each step, now he is much steadier and has a crazy amount of confidence compared to just a short while ago.  He is really into everything, and when I say "into" I mean DESTROY!   

At least they were wheat noodles, they tend to be firmer then other kinds I have bought, and at least it wasn't angel hair pasta.  Although that would have been a little bit ironic.  Especially when you get a look at the smirk in this next photo.

Yup, I'm in trouble.

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