Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Mousker-Good time!

Mousker-Hey, Mousker-Hi, Mousker-Ho, Mousker-ready, Mousker-set, here we go!!

(A sign I made with cute Mickey sayings)

Yesterday was Levi's Micky Mouse 1st Birthday Party!!  Let me tell you I got really excited to make things for this party.  I love all things Disney and "It all started with a mouse!"

This birthday banner was so fun to see put together and hanging up.  Of course I saw things similar on Pintrest and just knew I had to make one!  I downloaded a free Disney font and used my Nestabilities die-cuts with my Cuttlebug!  Then also found on Pintrest, I made Mickey Mouse french fri boxes as party favors for all our Mousketeer friends.

And each Mouseketeer had their very own animal cup with a straw tag!  It was an easy thing to do to jazz up their cups mouse style. :)

 After the birthday Mouseketeer woke up from his nap and arrived fashionably late to his party and in style he was ready to eat!
 And so was the rest of the club house...
Of course Avery got Papa to help her out with her plate while I got Levi his tray...
Then it was time for the much anticipated... PRESENT TIME!! 

 First Levi got a card hand made by his big sister Avery. He loved it!  So much he had to stand up and squeal with delight!

Next up was a farm from Grandma and Papa!

Levi got a bit distracted a couple of times, can you blame him?......

 looks like a lot of fun to crawl around with a big kid like Kastan. :)

But we got him back on track with a cute Mickey Mouse bag and bright tissue paper.  "Levi, what's inside this one?"

Oooooh, a guitar from Aunt Samantha and Uncle Bradly!

Uncle Jeffery or "Effery" as we like to say, wasn't there to cerebrate with us but somehow through that special Uncle magic... sent Levi a big teddy bear.  Levi was not sure of it at first, "Hey, that bear is as big as me?!

A stacking tower and shape sorter, thanks Miss Amanda!

And a couple of manly sweatshirts from Ms. Chloe!  Adam especially liked the idea of some manly men cloths for Mr.Levi!  Yey for cameo and hunting orange!

Great Grandpa and Papa look like they want to join in the fun with the toys too...

Woah, that looks like a lot of present opening fun right there!

And you can't forget Herman, he wont let you for that matter.  He just loves when there is all these people around here.  He goes from person to person to get a little love and attention.

Yes, Herman, I can't really blame you!

Levi sure was spoiled with lots of awesome gifts and much more importantly, awesome friends and family to share his birthday with him!

And of course....

the MAIN EVENT....


 First we sang....
 ...then I sliced Levi a nice piece right on the table for him.
 He needed a taste test first.
 "Hmm, oh yeah, that is pretty good!" 
Then he went for it!
 Oh yes!  That's the good stuff Levi!
 It's okay buddy, I can think of a lot of people who would eat their cake like that.....
 if they could get away with it! ;)
 To say the least he demolished that cake pretty quickly!
"Hey, is there more?"

It was a good day, we had lots of fun and it is all thanks to everyone who came and we were able to celebrate with!  It was really great to celebrate the day we became a family of 4!


  1. Kathleen!!! You did such an amazing job for little Levi's first birthday! I loved every part of that (of course) ; ) Matt loved it too :) So cute!!!!! Hehe our wedding invitations said "It all started with a mouse" I love that saying.

  2. You did a wonderful job Kathleen. And the food was amazing also. Proud of you!


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