Monday, September 6, 2010

Goodbye and Go Get 'em!

Yesterday was a celebratory dinner for the guy on the left. Uncle Effery has gone and hit the road and now resides in Syracuse New York! There were quite a few people that came to dine with Jeff before he left. Too many people for this blogger's lame camera phone.

"Wait... wait! What did you just say!?!"

"Uncle Effery is leaving!?!"

"I don't like that."

I know Avery. Listen though, you are going to get dinner in a nice restaurant and you get to see family we don't see that often...

Like Mommy's cousin Alison and Uncle Ken!

If you're lucky... they may share their credit card! Really! It's her credit card!

I thought you might feel differently!

Besides, Uncle Effery will be fine and you will see him again soon enough! He gave strict orders to slow down the growing just like your other aunts and uncles out of state. Are you gonna listen?

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